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Windows 8 Build 8250 Activator Download sanqad




The build number is 2530 and was tagged by Microsoft on 26 February 2012. The build number of Windows 8 RTM build 8400 is 2510. Windows 8 Build 8250 includes a new kernel mode driver to support files in Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud. New File Sharing Providers from SkyDrive have been added. These files can be streamed to any supported content apps. Streaming video can be viewed in Netflix apps, as well as VUDU. Music can be streamed to Groove Music or Spotify. SkyDrive cloud files have a new feature that allows users to view what's been changed to the file in their SkyDrive. It also allows users to see exactly how the file will look on their Windows 8 PC. The Homegroup is new in Windows 8, joining Active Directory and sharing between PCs. The Hello function can be used to easily connect and share data between users. Other new features include the new Charms bar, Improved VPN, and Windows Search. Microsoft has also made the built-in IE 11 betas available to Windows 8 users. It is available to download and install on all Windows 8 build 8250 PCs. A preview release of Windows 8.1 Build 8250 was released on 10 March 2012. The new version includes updated Cloud Services for SkyDrive, a new SkyDrive app for Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows RT, and an updated Skype app for Windows RT. Windows 8.1 includes a new touch keyboard and other improvements. It is also being released in preview to the public. The new version is available to download and install on all Windows 8.1 build 8250 PCs. Build 8250 contains the following Windows RT features: The following security improvements were added: Improved AV protections, including the ability to block Flash "Click-to-Play" for safer downloads in Windows Media Center Windows Defender now properly handles No-CD or No-CD-ROM scenarios The following improvements were made in SkyDrive: Cloud Services, including the ability to add bookmarks and organize and share files File Sharing, which makes it possible for users to share any number of files from SkyDrive, including OneDrive files, files sent using e-mail, or files shared from other PCs A new SkyDrive app for Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows RT was also made available. It is available for download and installation on the above devices




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Windows 8 Build 8250 Activator Download sanqad

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